Protecting the Ocean and Your Beauty Routine with Multi-Use Makeup

Protecting the Ocean and Your Beauty Routine with Multi-Use Makeup

Posted by Jasmine Dayal on

Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? How about when you felt the soft warm sand between your toes? There is no doubt about it. Going to the beach is a magical experience every single time. We may be partial, but we happen to think some of the most beautiful ocean views are right here in California.

In California, the ocean is more than just a source of stunning views and relaxing beach days. It is a vital part of our ecosystem, and we must work to protect it for future generations.

But how can we do that?

As consumers, we can make a difference in small ways daily, including by choosing eco-friendly and sustainable products for our beauty routines. Another way to be more sustainable is to streamline your beauty products.

This is where multi-use makeup comes in. Our Satin Sheen Multisticks allow you to create a range of looks with just one stick. They are an excellent option for those looking to be more environmentally conscious. In addition, our Multisticks can help reduce packaging waste and the amount of product you use.

When building Mora Cosmetics, we take an ocean-health-conscious and environmentally friendly approach, continuously building up our sustainability efforts, from our nonaqueous formulations to our 30% PCR components and FSC mix cartons with soy ink dye. We are committed to protecting the ocean and promoting sustainability. We also support organizations working to clean up the sea and protect marine life and will continue to do so as we grow.

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