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Frequently Asked Questions

Halal cosmetics are a fairly new concept, yet it is a much needed space in makeup. At Mora, our Halal makeup is makeup that is made
without alcohol or harsh chemicals. 

At Mora Cosmetics, we strive to make all of our makeup clean, halal, and vegan. 

Vegan makeup is becoming increasingly popular as it does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients such
as beeswax. The switch from animal ingredients to plant-derived ingredients makes our products better for your skin and creates a more soothing and hydrating formulation.

Learn more on our Mora Moments blog here.

Halal makeup can contain non-vegan ingredients such as beeswax, keratin, and lanolin—an ingredient derived from sheep’s wool. Animal-derived ingredients like these are considered halal but are not vegan.

Vegan makeup can contain alcohols which are not halal. 

Halal makeup are cosmetics that anyone can use.

In terms of Mora Cosmetics, it just means that our products contain no alcohols and that they allow Muslims to pray with the makeup on.

Halal beauty is a category of makeup for anyone seeking a clean, vegan, cruelty-free makeup alternative. At Mora Cosmetics, we strive to offer a natural beauty line for anyone who want to enhance their natural beauty.

Mora Cosmetics products are all vegan meaning there are no animal or animal by-products used at all. In terms of our products being Halal, it simply means that our products contain no alcohols so no matter your religion you can rest assured that Mora products have your back.

Learn more about what Halal means on the Mora Moments blog here.

In addition to being available here on, you can find us at the following locations: ThirteenLune, JCPenney, Melanin Grace, Free People, Flip, GlossWire, Beauty Heroes and Beautyologie.

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