Fast Easy Makeup for Zoom Meetings

Posted by Jasmine Dayal on

Since the pandemic has started, most of us have shifted to video conference meetings like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Citrix, and Slack. I know that as a busy mom, every minute counts. 

This Zoom makeup tutorial is intended to maximize your time while leaving you with a makeup look that is soft and looks lovely in video calls. While I personally love makeup looks of all types, I prefer a minimal makeup look for these types of calls. This makeup tutorial is for the person who doesn't want to fuss over makeup. 

The best part of this makeup tutorial is that ANYONE can do it. It is intended for all skill levels and it uses products that are accessible, some products are clean, some are vegan, and we even give you a sneak peek at the Mora Cosmetics Satin Sheen Multistick! A clean, vegan, and halal makeup multi-tasker that is convenient will leave you glowing for all of your calls. We can't wait to see your makeup looks! 

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