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What Is Dolphin Skin?

Posted by Jasmine Dayal on

Have you ever heard of Dolphin Skin? No, we aren't talking about your friend Flipper! Dolphin Skin is this summer's latest makeup trend.
Coined by makeup artist Mary Phillips, this look is all about that fresh out of the pool, peak summer dewy look. By maximizing that sheen, you achieve a refreshing sun-soaked summer look that feels light and looks luxurious. We created a Dolphin Skin makeup tutorial to help inspire you to try this look for yourself.
We go over how to achieve a flawless complexion (even if you have blemishes) and add makeup to shine like a dolphin swimming in the sea. It a fresh makeup look that will make you feel like it is summer (even if you are spending it indoors during this pandemic). 
While Mary Phillips recommends using ICONIC London products to achieve Dolphin Skin, we show you just how you can use any finely milled highlighter to get that summer girl sheen. Here are the steps to get Dolphin Skin:

Prep Your Skin to Be As Smooth As Possible

Having a smooth canvas is key, so we recommend prepping your skin in advance for this makeup look. Our Co-founder Minara used her Dermaflash dermaplaning device to remove dead skin cells and then prepped her skin using an overnight mask. She used Peach and Lily Overnight Star Sleeping Mask

Highlight Your Skin BEFORE Using Putting On Your Base

Use a cream highlighter on the high points of your face that naturally reflect light: your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and Cupid's bow. 

Spot Treat and Go Easy On Your Base

Feel free to use products you have on hand! Any concealer can be used to spot treat, any cream highlighter with a finely milled shimmer, and any color products work. It is all about how you layer the products to achieve that luminous skin finish. 

Add A Powder Highlighter and Complexion Spray To Finish!

Add on that extra powder highlighter and set with a complexion spray to really give your skin that extra slicked look!

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