Skincare During the Pandemic

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As we continue to social distance at home, skincare is becoming a bigger deal. The world events are getting more and more unpredictable, so we feel take solace in being able to control the one thing we have control over: our skin and our skincare routine. 

But there are things to worry about when it comes to your skin during the pandemic. Everything from maskne to chapped skin from disinfectants, we share what you need to do to take care of your skin.

Protect Your Skin Against COVID-19

Watch out for prolonged use of sanitizers and antibacterial handsoaps. All of those disinfectants can kill off your skin's natural microbiome and strip your skin of its oils.  When you do this, you increase your risk of infection. To prevent risks of infection, make sure to use skincare that will increase your skin's barrier. Another way to prevent drying out your skin is to drink plenty of water. 

Prevent Maskne

Another skincare problem that has cropped up during the pandemic is maskne. Maskne is a form of acne (or skin blemishes) that you can get from prolonged mask wear. Establishing a consistent skincare routine can help you prevent blemishes. 

Use Skincare As Self-Care 

The news can be anxiety-inducing. Taking the time to pamper your skin can help you relax. Since you are at home, you can actually make time to address specific skin issues. 

Don't Slack On Sunscreen

While it may be tempting to skip sunscreen since you are spending less time outside and wearing a mask, don't. Sunscreen is a proven way to prevent early aging. While it may be hard to wear sunscreen with a mask on, we recommend switching to a lighter sunscreen like a gel or a powder. 

We hope that these tips help you get better skin. What are your best skincare tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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