Be a Force of Nature

Posted by Jasmine Dayal on

At Mora, we encourage each other to “Be a force of nature.” But what do we mean by that?

We believe in living as low-impact as possible. We want to exist within nature; not in a way that creates damage to the planet or its inhabitants. So the products we create are meant to allow our Mora Mavens to be as bold as they want and play with color knowing that the products they use are created sustainably with clean and vegan ingredients sourced ethically. We also use ingredients that are good for your skin so you don’t have to worry about what exactly you are putting on your face.

Being a force of nature is open to your interpretation, whether it’s totally slaying a presentation for work or being brave enough to start a hard conversation. As Mora Mavens, we all have it within ourselves to strive to become the absolute best versions of ourselves. Here at Mora, we want to help you feel your best and show the world just who you are.

Our products feel light and freeing on your skin, allowing you to take on any situation like a tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado. How fierce you bring it is up to you.

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