Why Halal Makeup Brands Are Needed In the Beauty Industry

Why Halal Makeup Brands Are Needed In the Beauty Industry

Posted by Minara El-Rahman on

We have explained why halal makeup matters, but why do we need makeup brands that are halal? 

The Beauty Industry Is Loathe To Embrace Halal As A Buzzword

The reason we need more halal makeup brands in the beauty industry is because we have seen that established beauty brands refuse to state that their products are halal. As Tahmina Begum from Refinery29 succinctly writes: "With Islamophobia at an all-time high, being a halal beauty brand might imply allyship towards the Muslim community. This may be viewed as risky business."

Those makeup brands are missing out on a key opportunity to educate us all. The demand for halal cosmetics and other beauty products is growing exponentially. By 2025, the halal beauty market will be worth $52.02 Billion. 

Big makeup brands may fear labeling their cosmetics as "halal" because they risk alienating customers from other faiths. However, just like vegan cosmetics aren't just for vegans, beauty customers should know that halal cosmetics can be used by anyone. 

Most halal makeup is made using plant extracts and minerals versus pork and alcohol. 

Reuters writes: "The appeal of halal cosmetics mirrors a global trend for ethical beauty products that are not tested on animals and do not use animal derivatives, as well as booming demand for ranges based on natural ingredients that are kind to hair and skin."

Halal Makeup Is Seen as "Political"

Oset Babur from Lush writes: "The exclusion of Middle Eastern women from the beauty industry is largely political. For many brands, making products that feature and include women from these regions isn’t just unsexy, it’s scary. Western audiences aren’t used to seeing Muslim women as anything but blurred, oppressed faces on CNN."

Even with established brands from Muslims, we see brands that are unwilling to risk labeling their makeup as "halal." 

Halal Makeup Brands By Muslims Fill A Gap

While there are big makeup brands who are willing to certify halal products in only Muslim markets, there are Muslim populations in North America and Europe bring ignored. 

Muslims in these regions, like our very own Minara El-Rahman have seen this lack of representation in the beauty industry and launched more inclusive halal makeup lines like Mora Cosmetics. 

The Hope That Halal Makeup Is Accepted By All

Rather than viewing halal cosmetics as a niche market, it would be nice to see halal makeup become as normalized as clean makeup has been over the past few years. Cosmetic products that are tested on animals, pollute the environment, and are not sustainable are not considered to be halal. So, there is significant overlap with halal cosmetics and the green makeup movement. 

Halal makeup are cosmetics that anyone can use. Halal beauty is a category of makeup for anyone seeking a clean, vegan, cruelty-free makeup alternative.


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