Makeup For Brown Girls By Brown Girls

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A community is always made up of unique and special voices. However, we don’t always see all of our collective selves in popular culture or certain industries. One of the reasons we created our brand Mora Cosmetics was that we just didn’t see that many brown girl-friendly makeup options for us. 

As more and more indie beauty brands are popping up on the market, there has been an increase in beauty founders that reflect all consumers within the market.

Why Does This Even Matter?

Having a diverse range of founders representing different cultures, ages, genders, and ethnicities is incredibly beneficial and a step in an improved industry. It helps customers see products and services they can relate to and meet their needs. Brown girls don’t need to worry about products that aren’t pigmented enough to show on their skin. For too long, so many communities of women were relegated to using subpar products or specific shades. 

Having beauty founders representing different market areas can help customers find products and services that fit their needs and trust. 

We saw the gaps in our beauty routines and created products we wanted for all beauty lovers. In the 90s, we saw our mothers using beautiful coffee and sepia-toned makeup. But what about beauty lovers who want to use pink or vibrant nudes? We wanted to create universally flattering shades that anyone can use. 

For Minara, she wanted to create a makeup brand that honored her Muslim heritage by making all of the products halal. I wanted to create products that are sustainable and vegan because that is an important part of my own ethos. 

This is the exciting part about indie brands. We get to create new and innovative products and create an environment of collaboration and creativity. 

The founders we have met on this journey have been inspirational and encouraging and ensure that the industry stays in tune with today’s customers' needs and wants.

We are so grateful to be able to continue on this journey and create products we can all be excited about.

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