Ramadan Traditions

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Written by Sarah Alam

We are in full swing with Ramadan 2023! Take a peek into the life of one Mora Maven to see how she is getting ready for this special month.

For Muslims all around the world, Ramadan is one of the most exciting times of the year. It is a month of reflection: reflection on our spirituality, our blessings, and how we can improve ourselves to become better Muslims. As a company founded by a Muslim woman, Mora Cosmetics has always been rooted in faith in Allah (SWT). Today, we want to share some of our Ramadan traditions with you all in anticipation for this blessed month.


Recently, many Muslim families have begun putting up decorations for Ramadan in order to bring a sense of happiness, excitement, and pondering into their home about what Ramadan means to them. Personally, we put up a banner that says “Ramadan Kareem”, and moon table decorations, which make sense because the Islamic calendar is lunar based. My mom also made a giant porch sign that says “Ramadan Mubarak” on it, so we can celebrate with our neighbors, and raise awareness about Ramadan and what it means to us.

Fruits and Family

As far as I can remember, Ramadan has been in the summer, so it has become synonymous with watermelon to me. Nothing is better than breaking my fast with juicy watermelon cubes. However, as Ramadan begins to move into spring, and eventually winter due to the lunar calendar system, I have begun to rethink why I fast, and change my iftar, or post-fast meal. I am blessed by God to have so many food choices available to me, and I thank Him for allowing me to break my fast with my family around me. During Ramadan, we all eat together, which brings a sense of unity to my family which is not always present in other times, and I appreciate it immensely.

Prayer in Congregation

Ramadan is considered a blessed month by Muslims like me because we believe it is the month that the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and thus it is a month where more prayers are accepted. Therefore, there is a special prayer every night called Taraweeh, and my family goes to the mosque as many nights as we can to gain the benefits of praying Taraweeh in congregation with our fellow Muslims. I enjoy going to the mosque to pray during Ramadan because I like the sense of community I feel; I see my family friends, and my Muslim friends from school, and we all pray together. We pray for the year ahead, and inshallah (God willing) we have a good Ramadan this year, and I get to experience these traditions again.

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